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          Welcome to Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.
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          About Us

          Sales line: 0755-29622909
          Contact: Mr. Xie
          Phone: 13316589905
          Email: xieming@dakemotor.com
          Contact: Mr. Chen
          Phone: 15118148288
          Email: ChenRong@dakemotor.com
          Address: 2nd and 3rd Floor, Building B6, Datianyang Red Star Xifang Industrial Zone, Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
          Company profile
                 Shenzhen Dake Electric Co., Ltd Founded in 2013, specializing in precision transmission system gearbox manufacturing. To provide customers with customized service of transmission scheme design and parts production and assembly.

                 Since its establishment, large science and technology enterprises「To build a Chinese brand and a century old technological enterprise」Under the business philosophy of steady growth. And gradually expand the application scope of motor gearbox, including intelligent communication, intelligent robots, intelligent home appliances, office equipment, intelligent medical care, intelligent security, etc.; we focus on listening to customer needs, and are committed to research and development of the core technology of gearbox transmission, development of digital and intelligent integration of machinery and electricity, with the joint efforts of all employees for many years, we have won the global Large manufacturers favor, but also won the recognition of all sectors of society. Up to now, the market of gear box of large-scale enterprises has grown rapidly, and the overall shipment has also increased by multiple.

                 Large science and technology enterprises have a number of national invention patents and utility model patents, and have passed 9001, national high-tech Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification. Our business covers the whole world, and has become a partner of famous brands such as beacon technology, Midea, TTI, yaman, Han laser, Yushi technology, qihan technology, etc., creating value for customers and providing development space for employees. 

                 Large science and technology enterprises hope to drive the global and human intelligent progress through a gear; large science and technology enterprises will drive magic and innovate technology. 
          Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.     Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.       Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.       Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.       Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.
          Contact Us
          Sales line:0755-29622909  
          Contacts:Mr. Xie 13316589905   
          Contacts:Mr.Chen 15118148288   
          Address: 2F, building B6, Xifang Industrial Zone, yanghongxing, Datian, Songgang street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen    

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          • 0755-29622909
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