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          Welcome to Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.
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          5g motor

          Sales line: 0755-29622909
          Contact: Mr. Xie
          Phone: 13316589905
          Email: xieming@dakemotor.com
          Contact: Mr. Chen
          Phone: 15118148288
          Email: ChenRong@dakemotor.com
          Address: 2nd and 3rd Floor, Building B6, Datianyang Red Star Xifang Industrial Zone, Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
          Intelligent communication
          訪問:2724次   日期:2019-12-18
          Communication refers to the use of telecommunications equipment to transmit messages or audio, and sometimes to and from. More than a century has passed, and the history of human communication is still evolving. Starting with two cans and a line, humans are exploring how to use tools for remote communication, telegraph, telephone, dial phone, touch-tone phone, mobile phone, text message, VoIP, FREEEEIM.

          Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.     Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.       Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.       Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.       Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.
          Contact Us
          Sales line:0755-29622909  
          Contacts:Mr. Xie 13316589905   
          Contacts:Mr.Chen 15118148288   
          Address: 2F, building B6, Xifang Industrial Zone, yanghongxing, Datian, Songgang street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen    

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          • 0755-29622909
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